Creating a shortcut key for UV selection mode in 2.5

I’m trying to map keys 1 t/m 4 for UV selection mode when i’m in the image editor, but i can’t seem to find out what to fill in in the operator identifier box.

I’ve had a look in the API reference ( i know it’s not complete yet) but can’t find any operators wich have anything to do with UV_selection_mode just the type found on this page.

I don’t have any knowledge of scripting or python (so correct me if i’m wrong) but the way i figure is to make a shortcut key u specify an operator then the type of that operator and then the parameters of that type.

So if i can’t find any operator wich has the type UV_selection_mode in it, am i right to conclude that it is not possible to map this function to a key yet?
Or does anyone know of a other way to map this to a key?