Creating a Shortcut within Vertex Paint mode

Hey there,

I was wondering if anyone could help me set up a shortcut that I can use while in Vertex Paint mode? I tried doing it myself, but it didn’t work, so I must be understanding how to make them wrong.

In Vertex paint mode, I want to make the button “Face selection masking for painting” (the little square at the bottom, in between pivot center and layers) a toggle that can be turned on and off with “Shift V”. I use that button quite a lot in my work, and want to have fewer steps when working. I tried putting the python code into the custom shortcut, but I figured that doesn’t work since when I tried to execute it with my shortcut keys, it did nothing. :slight_smile:


At least in recent builds of Blender 2.79 (in official 2.79 as well) there is already shortcut to enable vertex paint mask in Vertex Paint mode (user prefs > Input > 3D View > Vertex Paint):

It is binded already to M while in Vertex Paint mode so all you’re left to do is to switch it over to Shift+V in shortcut settings. You can create your own shortcut, first you type “wm.context_toggle” and then value for the RNA path in the Context Attributes field.

Wow, thanks! I wasn’t aware of it, because Blender doesn’t tell me the key :slight_smile: I might just use “M” then instead of changing it.

Yes, unfortunately shortcut like this one in 2.79 and prior at least can’t be found if searching for something like “mask” or “paint”, only if searching for “Context Toggle” due to way property is accessed in the shortcut settings.

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