Creating a Simple Planet

Hi everyone!

I made a 3-part video tutorial for some of my planetarium friends (and my mom) who are just starting out with 3d using Blender.

Part 1: Making a Simple Planet in Blender
Part 2: Improving a Simple Planet in Blender
Part 3: Animating a Simple Planet in Blender


Nice dude.

I really liked the tutorials and the way you presented them. Keep up the good work and I’d love to see more.

Your Tutorials are great and easy to understand.


Thanks everyone! I’m working on a star series next, but it will be a few more weeks until I have time to record and edit.

didn’t know we have a forum for tutorials :o

just watched it .
very clear
good job

hmmm good…very informative…i learn a lot from these …

No BLEND file?

Nice tutorials.

As English is not my native language, I really appreciate the quality of sound recording and a very clear and understandable voice. It is not often the case in video tutorials.

Excellent, clear tutorial. The plus key trick for saving files, is one of the best tips. As I never knew about that one.

Very nice tut, thanks :smiley:

Thanks for sharing such a helpful tutorial.

You know. This tutorial is really great. She makes it really simple. I was just listening to her voice and was actually ten steps ahead of her. And I’m really liking the mars texture. That one is a winner ;). I can do a lot with this. Thank you for the great tutorial. Kudos.

I like your tutorials but they are slow. And you should think, if they are looking to make a planet, they should already understand the basics of blender so that way you don’t have to explain every little thing you do. Because if they don’t know the basics they can find another tutorial specific to that subject. Just some of my critiques :smiley:

No problem, FriskyLemons. I’ve added a line in the description about it being for beginners.

Those three tutorials were meant to be slow, with lots of repetition. I work in the planetarium field and several of my planetarium friends had never touched Blender and all they want to do is make a planet. They don’t have the time to sit through the tutorials covering the basics. They need an introduction to Blender that gives them a payoff they can use immediately in their work.

When I remake them for 2.5, I’ll make sure to include in the introduction that the tutorials are meant also as an introduction to the interface for new users.


Ahhh, so this is where your at (found your tutorial from google :P… I tried finding more of your tutorials but I gues there are non… I went through a bunch of tutorials and found yours the best presented and understandable… Not to mention I would rather listen to a girl talking for an hour or 2 over a guy lol… So if you have the time I would REALY like you to post up some more tutorials, depending on what your good at, or prefer I would say make a tutorial “making a person” then “animating a person”… maybe some texturing tutorials for more complex objects and programs you use for curtain kinds of projects.

Keep in mind this is if you do more blender work other than just making planets… I would love it if you knew more :stuck_out_tongue: but if not I gues I’ll have to grit through the other tutorials and whatnot

Well thanks for the last video tutorials and for any ‘maybe’ future ones,


very gentle, clear and concise voice. Excellent for beginners. Thank you very much .