Creating a square profile, sphere wireframe

Hey guys, I’m trying to make a wireframe sphere, but I want the wireframe to have a square profile. So far I used a wireframe modifier and a bevel modifier to get to this but it’s not what I wanted…

I want something more like this…

Any help will be appreciated thanks.

Make a sphere. In face mode, select everything and bevel with 1 segment to get a thin outline. Invert selection and delete faces. Add Solidify modifier, adjust thickness to taste.


Instead of Bevel like @Stan_Pancakes I select all faces and inset individual for the thin outline, then delete the faces…I also use the Solidify Modifier and Clamp the angles to (1), and also in the Normals use 30-degree auto smooth.

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Yah, inset individual works too, though it leaves curvature edges behind.

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Nice man very nice, thanks