Creating a texture before a model?

I have a photo that I’d like to use as a texture on a rectangle. I’ve gone through tutorials and figured out how to uv unwrap an object and create a texture for it. What if I have a texture and I want to make an object the exact dimensions and size without stretching it? Is this possible in Blender?

As you can probably tell, I’m not an artist but I work on games in Unity and I’ve been unable to apply an image to a plane in Unity without stretching it. I thought this might be an easier task in Blender and then I could export the textured model to Unity.

Thanks for the help!

Activate the “Import Images as planes” addon, then go to file->import->images as planes, select your image and import. Easy as that ^^ !
There are options on the left toolbar when you import your images that you could find useful.

Sorry for what’s probably a silly question, but how do I activate it? I see the script in the scripts/addons folder but I’m not sure if I need to install the add on or what. Any help would be appreciated.


Nope it’s not a silly question, no worries !
In blender press Ctrl+Alt+U (or file->user preferences) and under the Addons tab search for the Import Images as Planes addon. Once you find it check the box to activate it. Now you can follow the steps I mentioned earlier :wink:

Perfect! Thanks so much! I’ve got my photo in Unity on a perfectly sized plane! Great!

You’re welcome :wink: