Creating a thread

New user here.

I’m looking to add an external thread to a model and don’t know how to go about it. Had a look through the forum and on YT etc and understand that an add-on would be needed. I’m a bit lost as to where to look for or use add-ons. Could someone offer some guidance please.

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You don’t need any add-ons for that purpose. Search on YT for ‘blender screw’ and you’ll find quite a few tutorials.

An addon does exist to generate bolts and nuts (with all the threads and customisation available). It also comes with Blender by default so you don’t need to install any new addons. It is called BoltFactory, and can be enabled up in File > User Preferences > Addons tab and you can search for its name, then enable it.

Edit: This is an easy way but not the only way. Screw threads can also be made with (array) modifiers.

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can also use the screw modifier
make your thread shape and it should work

happy bl

Thank you all.

I will try a few methods but was kind of a double barrelled question for wanting to know how to use add-ons. Didn’t even know that menu was there. Still got a lot to look through yet.