Creating a Verticie At Point of Intersecting Lines

Often I want to have a verticie (singular form of verticies, not sure how to spell it) at a point where two line segments intersect each other. Please see the image as example which shows 90 degree lines intersecting with 45 degree lines, I have selected the endpoints of both segments of the lines that I want create a single verticie at the point they intesect one another. Is this possible? And how so… Thanks! Only by getting answers here I am able to move forward.

Edge Tools addon ?

I installed the Edge VTX Addon and it works! Thank you.

Vertex. Latin, you know. :slight_smile:

We need to institute an international punishment policy. Every man who says “Vertice” shall be hunted down and forced to say out loud “Vertex Vortex” five hundred times, and then write it on a chalkboard three thousand times over! :smiley:

The singular of ‘vertices’ is ‘vertex’. The knife tool should do what you want, though note that at present it only works on faces, not on ‘bare’ lines.

Best wishes