Creating a window in a wall.

Just for starters I downloaded Blender a couple of weeks ago. I have been watching tutorials and reading tutorials. Some of them jump very quickly through processes and sometimes not explaining what they have clicked or done.

My question is I want to cut a window in to a wall. this should be simple, but when ever I try to connect a circle and and a square, it seems like seems like if I do that the “face” of the new shape on the plane is not selectable to cut out. Instead the face of the whole plane is selected defeating my intention. So there it is I’m not sure if my question makes sense. Here is a link to tutorial on how to make a castle and once I reached the create a door it lost to me.

If you’re not worried about polys, then I would honestly suggest modeling without the boolean objects. Plus, the wireframe just looks ugly like that, lol.

There are no Boolean operations in that step of the tutorial.

It is not clear to me, seems the author left out a step.

But what you would want is a flat plane for the wall, then delete the face only. Then delete the lower edge. From there create the half circle and proceed. The tutorial should make sense from there.

What you are doing is drawing out the shape of the wall with the door in it then fill it with polys. Not the best way to do it in my opinion, but that is what the tutorial calls for.

I would not just fill the faces like that, I’d put in quads likely.

But hope this gets you moving through it in any case.

I have a MacBook Pro and it has been difficult to learn. I do not have a numpad on the side and number strip has been problem too. I very new at this so I’m trying to find sources for answers because pioneering answers has proven to be daunting. My F keys have dual purposes and getting them to respond to the Blender commands rather than Mac’s interface responses has been difficult too.

I’m going to have to Learn more about this system.

O.k. maybe I get to contribute something here.I have learned for the MacBookPro that going to System Preferences -> Keyboard & Mouse -> “Use the F1-F12 keys to control Software Features” will lock the keyboard to F functions. :slight_smile:

There’s a setting inside of Blender that might help you. If you pull down the top, drag it down, it will reveal more options/settings for your keyboard and such.

Here’s where I am at. I used the Cursor-> Selection to form the door and then extruded the edges to create the wall around it. Copied the door to form the window and extruded the wall and all to form the current.

Why can’t I fill the area between the doorway and the wall?

The same as in your new thread:
Like this


@BlenderLand - better to keep it in one thread.

And just like Richard showed you. But you can do that before you extrude it so the faces are already there.

In the F9 buttons window you’ll find a button “Subdivide” in the Mesh Tools panel.

You can select edges and subdivide them. Then also selecting two opposing edges allows you to make a polygon by hitting f. If it has 4 verts it will make a face without another prompt.

Here is a little cleaner version of that wall. Just for future reference. It has no triangles. Not that big of a deal at this stage but something to start thinking about as you improve your modeling skills and begin thinking in terms of Quads. It will especially help you for Subsurf Modeling.

What I did was make use of subdivide so that I had enough edges to connect quads to the circle. I made each poly one at a time. A little slower but cleaner.

On the sides, I subdivided once then subdivided the upper portion by selecting only that edge.


Ok, so as you can see, this is the effect I got.

I first created a circle and deleted the bottom half, then extruded the sides down to form the posts of the doorway, then extruded from the baseboard out to form the wall and back around to the other side. I copied the doorway to form the window and I did get the face to form this time. Yours is much cleaner, as you said, you also mentioned some other things such as the triangles and quads. I’m glad I got this to work, but I need to learn more.

Yeah, you got it.

Good job.

Is that the correct way to form something like that? I figured I would start with buildings that do not really require bones and build my way up. I tried subdividing like you suggested, but the edges from the arch always went to the corners. Why is that?

From My post did I form the wall and door the correct way, or most efficient?

Sorry. I see now. Missed it the first time. I did not see that you had subdivided and were trying for my example.

I created the polys one at a time.

After you subdivide the top edge, select 1 edge from the circle and then 1 edge from the top of the wall.

Select edge B, then Select Edge A press F, makes a poly. Repeat to cover all of the polys one at a time 1-4 then 1-5

You could alternatively select all A edges 1-4 along the top and all B edges 1-4 along the Circle and press F then chose Skin Faces. This will do those automatically.

Then repeat down the side 1-5 A&B to skin those.

Additional time saver is to do half of it then duplicate and mirror if it is symmetrical.

Make sense?


It just depends on what you are going to do in the end. Likely you won’t run into problems with a flat wall. It is just good in general to learn how to model in quads.

Also modeling in quads and keeping a clean organized mesh helps when you want to add things and make changes. A lot of triangles can get messy and hard to manage.

Do you know any Tutorials that teach about quad management.

Hi, not sure if this is what your after but they talk about quads & edge loops etc.