Creating an array alon a curve.

Okay I’m trying to duplicate a cylinder along a curve using an array modifier but it refuses to create the array. :no:

Anyone have a suggestion? Here’s a screen shot of my settings for the array.

Try with the Curve modifier instead…

:no: The curve modifier just takes the one object and bends it

Hah! Managed to accomplish what I wanted with a combination of the Array and Curve modifiers and some tweaking!

Thanks for the suggestion of the curve modifier phoenixart!

Got another one though that won’t work that way. I need to chunk of belt to follow the Curve in the pic :frowning:

Better picture that showed the object and the path to be followed.

Better if you upload the file…

Here’s a copy of the .blend file with the piece on the first layer.

Also a link to the chain tutorial that uses the technique that I’m trying to duplicate.


Track.blend (311 KB)


sorry for haven’t replied sooner.
Is this what you need?


Track1.blend (321 KB)

Yeah, any chance you remember how you did it?:eyebrowlift2:

Some important things to bear in mind: be sure the objects have their center to the origin of the object and the two objects (the mesh and the curve in this case) are both centered to the space. Modify you curve only on a flat view, like the side view in your example, otherwise the risk is you’ll mess the rotation of the points. If you get weird result with the curve try the Z-up twisting in 2.5. Lastly if I’m not wrong you should apply the mirror modifier or otherwise change the center of the object. As far as I remember I applied the mirror… sorry for confusion on the last point, I did it late yesterday night, I was kind sleepy. It seems that’s all, if you have other problems keep posting here.

Thanks for the tips! And all the help.