Creating an Earth Spere from Multiple Materials

I am trying to make an earth sphere for subsequent export to Unity.

I can do it with a single texture/material.
Works great, but I want higher resolution.
Want to have 8x4 4K tiles.

Tried UDIM. Works well in Blender.
But when I export to Unity it is a single material which accepts only 1 texture.

SO how do I create a sphere with 4x8 materials each having a 4K square texture?

Thanks in advance

Welcome :tada:

well this a question regarding the possibilities od a specific (game) render engine… i suggest looking into to docu of (here) Unity or the some specialized forum like so:

Thanks for your suggestion. But I am famiiliar iwth limitation sin unity.
That is not the problem.

I know what size textures I want. 4096x4096
This is supported by Unity.

Having said that I need 8x4 of these tiles mapped to a sphere of the earth
That mean 8x4 = 32 Material and 32 Textures in Blender.

That is my question. How can I use multiple materials on a sphere in Blender and have them easily and seamlessly laid out.

This was more a suggestion to use the docs or the forum of unity… i’m sure there must be a section about applying multiple material on on object… or the pros and cons about using it… like so:

or this (yet?) unanswered question:

Do 6 x 4. That is the topological equivalent of a cube with level 1 subdivision. So its easier to break up for mapping. But of course subdivide it far more.

Must it be a single object in Unity? Why not break it up into a 1/4 of each of the 6 sides? That is as close as you can get to a nice square UV layout. So 24 materials.
Stick them all onto a solid sphere if needed. Never used Unity so I dont know what physics or material limits there are.