Creating an ECG line effect.


I’m trying to create an electrocardiogram line animation, but I’m unable to have the right result. I use a single point, rendered as a halo, along a path curve, with the “Follow path” constraint.

The point moves as it should, but, I tried different kind of blur nodes with different settings, and I don’t know how to draw a line along the path, and not only have a point, whatever its shape after compositing. Maybe I’m not doing it the right way, but I didn’t find any tuto, or anything, on the internet.

If anyone can help !.. Thank you. :slight_smile:

Oh, that’s exactly what I’m looking for (except the website doesn’t work, I’ll try tomorrow). Thanks a lot !

Oh I just remembered the old skool way. Draw a wave form as you would see it all the way across screen, then just wipe it on as a reveal. That is animate a mask or move a plane that obstructs the line below. You can put a graduated overlay of the add type so that the leading edge glows.

Okay thanks, I’ll try the both ways, but I finally got what I needed with the first link.