Creating an exe

How is it possible to create exe files of my games?


is easy look

File> Save Runtime

later select a path or directory , put the name and save Runtime; that is all…

Thanks, really embarassing :stuck_out_tongue:

Can someone tell me what a dynamic runtime is?

ya ive been wondering that to i gues try it and c wat hapends

Taken of Publisher Documentation 2.25

The Windows runtime comes in two versions. The normal runtime will be distributable as a single file which will run out of the box.

The dynamic runtime will enable you to add your own Python extensions but you’ll need to distribute the Python DLL as well. Use the dynamic runtime if you want to use aditional Python extensions but it requires that your distribution comes on a CD or with a custom installer.

not true anymore!!
dynamic runtime doesn`t even seem to work anymore!

Since now we don’t need the dynamic runtime anymore, since normal runtime comes with your own python files aswel.