creating an executable

(Soulstorm) #1

I have blender publisher 2.25.

Is there any way to publish my games as full screen ececutables?

The resizable windows dont work for me…


(S_W) #2

Go to the main menu bar and select
File >> Runtime Options >> Fullscreen
Then create the executable.

(Soulstorm) #3


This was exactly what I was looking for.


(bmax) #4

with my copy of publisher, you cant even make exes, it just says it cant find the runtime…wtf? :x

(gorgan_almi) #5

you need to go back to the downloads section on and download the 2 exes, blenderplayer.exe and blenderdynplayer.exe and put them in the same directory as your blenderpublisher.exe

(SHABA1) #6

I cannot find these two for the life of me on
I looked in both catagories of the download section of the web site.

(Soulstorm) #7

I cannot find these two for the life of me on

It is part of the blender 2.25 self extracting exe. Just redownload and reinstall…I hope…

(SHABA1) #8

Ok I had not even decompress the self exe yet. Just did not see the need for publisher yet. I need to get more confident with creator overall but thanks.