Creating an Icosaeder

Hello all,

I am new to this Forum and also new to Blender, also i cant write/speak English very well, so please be patient.

So iam going to try to animate the creation of an icosaeder.What i have is a net out of 20 triangles in 2D and i would like to fold the icosaeder out of it.

Any ideas i can do that?

Greetings greed :slight_smile:

This is quite a tricky project! I suggest you start with a cube or tetrahedron first.
The procedure is similar in all cases - identify the pivot edge of all but the single stationary face, move the origin of those faces to the center of the pivot edge, parent each chain back to the stationary, rotate each face (except stationary one) by the face angle for the solid you have chosen (nonrational for most platonics, which is why you should start with a cube) The FA for an ico is approx. 2.411865 radians.

Better to start with two faces and get them right before adding the next one to the chain and so on…

Hello cegaton,

Thanks for this :slight_smile: solved now