Creating an ink well?

I am working on a period looking office, and was wondering, how I might go about designing an inkwell?

Well, do you have a particular design in mind?
Is it an object that you are familiar with?
Do you have images of it in a book, the Internet?
What period is it? People have used inkwells for centuries!
What is the context? Is it the home of a noble man, the office of a notary, the desk of a public writer?
Whatever technique we may suggest will depend on what the object should look like in your opinion.
I’ve seen inkwells made of pewter or copper. There are some made of silver. I’ve seen one which was a block of crystal glass and another was carved in onyx…
Come on, do you research and come back with something.


I was thinking of mayby a roundish glass inkwell, the full idea, is of, an office, with a bookshelf and a desk, an open book, and an inkwell sitting next to the book, and a feather pen sitting on top of the book like someone had been writing in it. No images anywhere, but it is inspired off of a few diffrent rooms I have seen off the internet though.

Use the spin mesh tool for this:

I second that for the container and the lid. You’ll have to extrude a hinge maybe, if that is the kind of lid that you want: then make the lid two parts right away. One will be the ring around the glass mouth and the other the cap.
Otherwise, for a ‘push on’ cap just one piece.

May I ask how experienced you are as an artist?

How about texturing? Are you good for that part.
An inkwell is a nice object to explore materials.