Creating an object with two separate textures

Hi guys. I’m pretty new to blender and have been watching as many blender how-to videos on youtube as possible. One thing I haven’t been quite able to figure out is how to take an object, let’s say a dollar bill or a coin, and put one texture on one side, and a completely different one on the other. Can I get a little direction with this? Thanks!

[You can set up 1 material for an object and then assign 2 textures and blend them together down at the influence panel via the color amount and different blend modes (mix, add, multiply, screen).]

If you want two sides of an object to show different textures, you need at least two faces. I’m not sure about whether there is an option to create a plane that is double-sided, but whatever object you have, you will have to UV-unwrap it. So you select all faces in edit mode and then hit U and select one of the unwrapping options. However, you will have to create a second UV-map under Object Data -> UV Maps -> + sign. Then you can select the corresponding map at the mapping panel of the texture. Coordinates=UV, UV Map=the correct map for the texture.

Google UV-unwrapping/mapping to learn about all the steps in detail.

No, no, no! You need to unwrap only if you use textures. All you need to do is to create the different materials and to assign them to the faces where they apply. And if you really need to unwrap, you can unwrap only some selected faces. Selected by material, in general. Multiple UV maps are for some special cases like decals and complicate overlays.

To make things easy for yourself, display the right texture in the UV/image editor and unwrap only the corresponding faces. If you select all the faces, you might see strange things like overlapping UV maps, eventually at different scales but it doesn’t matter as long as you assign the right texture to the right material. In the case of a coin, it allows you to unwrap each face with “Project from View” and the edge with “Cylinder Projection”. Even if you use only one texture, it’s pure masochism to unwrap the whole object if there are other better solutions.

As for doing double-sided faces, I know for sure that Cycles can do it. I don’t know about Blender Internal tho.

For different textures and each side of a single plane you need two materials and use the geometry node to apply one material to the front and the other to the back of the face, This works for both Cycles and Blender Internal renderers