creating and extruding NURBS curves


I found the following in the ‘Curve’ documentation:

from Blender import Curve, Object, Scene
c = Curve.New()             # create new  curve data
cur = Scene.getCurrent()    # get current scene
ob = Object.New('Curve')    # make curve object                  # link curve data with this object                # link object into scene

but don’t manage to use it for creating a curve.

Is there anybody who knows how to create a NURBS curve from a python script?

I also would be happy to know how to extrude a curve via python.

In order to educate myself I searched in the blender sources and found the following file
but do not have the slightes clou how to start to make sence out of the code :frowning:
Are there any informations / tutorials / etc. for beginners like me who would like to understand a little bit more ot the internals of Blender?

Thanks, Dietrich