Creating Apple iMac

Creating Apple iMac-part 01

The new website on the new video series. The main subject a modeling, but come a any subject.:slight_smile:

the foot looks malformed, the bottom aluminium part seems a bit to thin, have a 27" imac at work, and a 24" imac at home.

This is new videos.:slight_smile: Continue the modell.:slight_smile:

Creating Apple iMac-part 02

Creating Apple iMac-part 03

Yes, You looks great, but this old image and in the tutorial fixed the problem.:slight_smile: Thanks!
(I haven’t possibility work in iMac:/:/)

All the videos in website!:slight_smile:

This is new video avaliable 2 days on my website!:slight_smile:
Creating Apple iMac-part 04