Creating armature, how to relate bones?

Im a total newbie to Blender and are trying to figure out how to create bones for skinning. In the tutorials I’ve read it should be as simple as choosing Add->Armature (only available in Object Mode) and that seems to work. I then use the RMB to move the bone in place, and click on LMB to start a new bone (according to the tutorials) but no new bone appears.

Instead I need to move the cursor to the place I just dropped the finished bone and create a new bone, then I need to use the button menu to create the parent-child relationship.

Oh yeah, I’m using the 2.40 release…

What am I doing wrong?

Hit the “e” key to extrude the new bone while the end of the bone is selected (yellow). When you first create your armature in object mode, you should automatically be put in edit mode with the bone ready to extrude. So just hitting e there ought to get you going.

That worked, excellent, thanks!