Creating basic health counter?


Okay, I created a health property, so.

I then added a property selected health, then it is either Assign, add, or toggle, I guess toggle. Then collide with Aibody, then health is lowered to 10 from 20 and then finally the FP is dead at 0.

I don’t really know what your question is but you should set the actuator to add and the value to -1. That way, each time the actuator is activated, it adds -1 to health.

How to create a health counter in the game engine display. As well as how to get it to work.

I did view a file from an old project but I can’t make it out so that was the reason why I enquired.

It doesn’t work, and I don’t know how to display the health in the top left.


Making videogames takes time to learn.
Look at these tutorials and try to learn.Some of them have what you need to know.

How to make Animal Ai in the blender game engine

How do you think I created the AI, that exact same clip from Thatimist3r.

As for the other link that is about having the AI go from walking to attacking.

Look at part5 of those tutorials which is how to have a health for the enemy.There are even blendfiles to study.

There is a part five, I thought there were only four via youtube video list.

It is at the bottom.