Creating Bump and Specular Map for Human Head

I downloaded Blender 2.49b and Gimp 2 a few months ago and have been trying to model a human head. So far, I have completed a rough draft of the modelled mesh and painted on a texture based on 3 pictures I took (front,side, and back views). See the attached images. Now, however, I want to add in a bump map, specular map, and whatever other maps I need to to enhance the realism of the model.

I have been trying to find a tutorial that would help me to make these textures, but cant seem to find one straitforward enough for someone at my level (I usually get hung up on the parts involving gimp). Could someone either direct me to a good and easy to understand tutorial or perhaps help me step through part 7 from this tutorial ? I promise the part I need help with is quite short; in fact, its only pages 23-27, most of which are large pictures.

Thanks in advance,


Good start if you work on the shape of the topology a bit more too it will help to not face problems in the future okay enjoy heh, hope it helps.