Creating character cloths

Ok then I need to make cloths for a human and would like to use softbodies can someone tell me the parameters needed for it all?
Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi. I have a similar question.

I took a MakeHuman mesh into blender. Then I basically took a plane, positioned it over the character’s head, subdivided it, and tried a physics thingy on it that I got off a possibly outdated tutorial. I could not get the plane to flop down over its head. Any pointer to an up-to-date tutorial would be greatly appreciated. (Hope this articulation helps ya, Concept3D).

do you want to use 2.45 or 2.46? 2.45 has softbodies only, and 2.46 also has cloth. two very different simulation systems.

Where do you get a copy of 2.46?

2.45 enless 2.46 has come out when you read this (not including trunks)

ok, cloth with softbodies is very easy. I did an example of a tablecloth in the wiki, that should get you going: The wiki has had some uptime issues lately, but when it is up, go to the Manual, and look up the Softbodies page under Physical simulation. There is an Example Tablecloth there.

Essentially you cut and sew your clothing around your character, weight paint it to simulate friction and gravity, and let the simulation take over.

Ok but it hasn’t come up so can you just tell me?

So come on guys how do I do it (and what would I set the characters collision settings to be) bearing in mind it is a robe.

Ok thanks but the simulations are taking about 10 minutes per frame and then crashing blender when I try to look at the (on the frames). How can I stop this?

start small and simple. First only scrub through like 10 frames with simple meshes. increase resolution so you can see where your patience and PC run out.

How do I decrease the resolution?

Anyone atall?

I did some experiments with MakeHuman meshes.

I could easily get a “napkin” to fall on a round head in a reasonable fashion with a half hour of experimentation.

Attempts at a full blown “choir robe” draped across the full body have failed miserably so far. So one possible scenario is that 2.45 blender cannot do this well or automatically-- it may be a pretty extreme task to ask of it.

Okay, so it IS doable, just impractical and not very pretty:

I would recommend just starting with a mesh subdivided a few times and a sphere. Make that work to find the parms that work. Then gradually build up to your actual mesh character.

That is a good step 1. But you must chant Toga! Toga! Toga! while drinking copious quantities of beer. Now you need to cut. sew rest, tailor, and finish. To sew, just go into edge move and scale the edges in the Y direction closer and Face them to make the seam. To rest, you add a subsurf, shrink the displacement to .1, fix any tears, and let it run some more. To tailor, grab the verts around the waist and scale inward. Make darts or otherwise form fit around chest, butt/hips, and let it run some more. To finish, add colars, closures, hem the sleeves, etc.


But how do I decrease the mesh resolution?

Add a subsurf modifier below the cloth modifier. I use Catmull-Clark, display level 1, render level 4, optimal draw and subsurf uv enabled. Also be sure to Set Smooth, o

Can I take the mesh-at-frame-100 for the clothing and save it for use in “frame 1” ?

Absolutely! at frame 100, just apply the modifier. then u can reapply.