creating Chrono type hair?

(msdawy) #1

Good Evening…
i am trying to create chrono type hair! it looks really hard to do!
could you please give me some advices? how can i do it? is it possible to animate it in an easy way?

thank you very much in advance…

PS: you can find a screenshot of chrono here…
see video 6 and 7

(Hos) #2

A technique I use for spiky hair is illustrated in the
following 3 pictures – maybe a variation of this
technique could work for you:

Duplicate part of the scalp:

Subdivide and select every other vertex (This is a
painful process, so I put these verts in a weight
group as I’m working in case I screw up):

Use s to scale, g to tweak position:

As for animating the hair, if you don’t have a lot of
iindividual hairs then maybe try an armature, otherwise
use RVK’s.


(mthoenes) #3

Very cool Hos,
Looks like a real pain indeed. Nice results though. I went to take a Look at this Chrono type hair. It seems to me you could use a high vertex count scalp mesh and pull hair groups using the proportional vertex editing with a sharp fall off (Shift + O Key while in edit mode). Grab, rotate a bit, etc… Then decimate the mesh to cut down the number of verticies.

(Riskbreaker) #4

Chrono Trigger :o

Man, i loved that game…played it on the super nintendo a few years back. Got Chrono Cross earlier this year.
Did you know the drawers/animators of Chrono Trigger were the ones who did Dragon Ball Z (Look at Majin Buu Saga)? So if you need more help on making Chrono’s hair you can look for extra stuff on dbz stuff.
I remember i did something like that hair a while back…if i find that file or remember how i did it, i’ll come back and show ya.

(Riskbreaker) #5

I found one of my images i did. It was done in Imagine 4.0 (you know, that old DOS program by Impulse). I think its pretty easy to see how its done (granted it wasnt done in blender, but its do-able). I’ll also see if i can re-create it in blender.