Creating clothing and accessories with Blender (nudity)

Boy,I’m glad the forum is back, aren’t you? Anyway, here’s a few pics showing a skirt I created in Blender and imported into Poser 6 for rendering. The figure I used is Poser 6 Jessi. The last image is a minidress I also made.

Answer me this question. Can a model from MakeHuman be modified in Poser after you import it?

XeroShadow, I would recommend importing your MakeHuman model into Blender to modify it. Poser is not a modeling program. It is more a rigging, rendering and animation program.

What version of makehuman are u using.when i import my makehuman models into blender there are some weird bumps on the fingers and other body parts.

I don’t use makehuman, but when I import from one program to another I use wavefront .obj format. You may want to try different import settings as well.

i also use wavefront .obj when importing,from where did u get the human model?.or did u make it from scratch?

@LA Nice clothes, I think clothes, especially layered clothes are pretty difficult to make and texture well.

@DC I think the O.P. explained they were using poser, her name is prolly Victoria, lol. :slight_smile:

Ah ok,i could never find the already made models in poser 2010.all i have is this weird skeleton dude.

Thanks for the comment Adam. DCBloodHound, I stated in the o.p. that I used Poser 6 Jessi. Rather nice looking model isn’t she?

Very nice (also skirt you created and Jessi).

Where can i download human models for free?

I’m busy with blender and started with mudbox a while ago.learning poser and creating a new model from scratch is too much.

@DCBloodHound right here at MakeHuman

I wouldn’t use those generic models if I were you… learning how to create a realistic human was/is the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done in 3d, it teaches you attention to detail and all kinds of useful tricks in blender…
BUt I guess if you really don’t have time for it there’s no way around using those ugly make human models :slight_smile:

Already tried makehuman,the models are usually busted.The models i import into blender from mudbox lose their texture.

save texture right within mudbox? the uv coordinates are still in your exported obj/fbx so you can just apply your in mudbox baked texture right in blender .

@DCBloodHound I don’t know where to download high quality models for free. But if you have a copy of Poser, such as Poser 6, why not just use the model that come with the program?:slight_smile:

for those above, use a current weekly build of makehuman, they are much stabler, and also when exporting use the Colladae format, it comes out better because it is meant for more high end 3d studios, such as 3d max

as for the clothing, very nice, i wish i could do that well :P…i have quite a few NUDE characters that kinda need clothes

all the models are in .obz format.some are also in .DATA

I only fount out now that i also have the Jessi mode.just need to find a way to import .obz files.

Thanks for the comment Evil Moon MOose. DCBloodHound, You can load the Jessi model into the scene in Poser and then export it as .obj. You will have to change the materials once in blender though. It usually puts a black material on the whole model so that it renders black. Just put a skin shader on there and you’re ready to go.

Ah now i see,thanks for the help.

Great dress.