Creating complex geometrical pattern

Hey Blender artisans.

I am trying to make this thistle pattern for a penannular brooch. But I cant seem to wrap my head around the geometry of the original piece.

I tried working from a cylinder, twisting it from the top, extruding every facets and then scaling the end points down to spikes. Then I deformed the cylinder into a semi sphere from top to bottom.

But then I realized that this thistles aren’t based on a simple twist geometry, it is more like there is some strange mirrored geometry going on.

Do any of you have any advice how to archive this result?


The magic word is “knurling”, and googling “knurling in blender” should get you going.

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That was just square out perfect. And it works on complex curved surfaces! Thanks for the magic word which gave me the results. You are a star.

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