Creating complex Splines or Arcs

Is there anything out there that makes it easy to create, complex arc circles.

something where you can define say, a flat snaking “S” shape, and apply another curve, or arc to make it curve up over its length.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks


This can easily be done with Blender:

This is great, thank you.

Is there any way to make something like Extrude along path, but more mathamatically accurate.

Im looking to create that complex curve like in the manual, but with precise angles and distances

likea , 40ft radius, 10deg arc going up, while being curved left and right with 20ft 45deg arc’s.

i think you use the curve function bezier curves or circle…
you can make sharp corners by picking a vertex and pushing the v key on the keyboard
which turns that vertex green when your done
you convert the shape to a mesh an irreverseable conversion
its in the manual under curves…a working example

This belongs in “blender general” as this isn’t about other software, but about blender.