creating confortable armature,rig for animating a character in blender 2.57

hi,can anyone give me a link to tutorials how to create armature, rigs for humain personage in blender 2.57.i saw a tutorial about creating armature and rigs but for blender 2.49,its different ,its hard to understand,because the interface is different,his doing things that are not the same in blender 2.57,i have tryed to make like him but its different.ill give the linke of the tut that i saw.please help me to find tut.i need a tut wich explanes how to create a confortable armature and rigs for humain characters,wich will be easy do animate…thank you.

Just click on the tutorial channel…… U see that he already updated the tutorial for 2.5…

Izzoe i looked there,he updated the face rigging for 2.5 but i need the tutorial of body rigging for blender 2.5