Creating cross hatching pattern (mesh not image texture or with nodes)

It’s hard to tell but in the picture above around the face off the watch there are these sections of extruded diamond like patterns. I want to create this effect without using a texture. My first attempt at it I simply created a grid out of loop cuts. Then I subdivided them to get a center vertex and simply grabbed the center and moved along the local z to extrude each square to a diamond. In my mind this should of been fine but the result is not at all what I wanted. Does anyone have any other ideas/methods to get the desired effect?

I am new to 3D-modeling, just started last month so if I am going about this the wrong way please feel free to say so.

Thanks for your time!

you could also make one mesh diamond then use the array in X and Y

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Knurling pattern

  1. plane
  2. subdivided (w -> subdivide)
    1. inner faces unsubdivided with 1 iterations (ctrl+E -> un-subdivide, operator panel: iterations: 1)
    1. diagonal quad faces selected and poked (alt+P)
    1. vertices with four edges selected and moved along Z (select one, shift+G -> amount of connected edges)
  3. and vertex beveled (ctrl+shift+B)
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Wow, so simple idk why i didn’t think of that! thank you. How would you go about making that array sit flush on the plane that is angled down?

wow thanks, I wouldn’t have thought of that method. Noob question here, what exactly does “poke” do?

Thanks again!


have you tried the Surface Follow addon? I think it could be a helper here.

Didn’t know such and addon was available, that seems like it would work perfect. Thanks!

For illustrate the JA-12 method ( even if it was allready perfectly made )…

A CG cookie tips tutorial about " poke face "

Could still be usefull for peoples who come across this question.