Creating Curved Window: Intersect Two Bezier Curves (Line and Curve)

I want to create a window that has a curve. The line intersects with a curve straight through and I want to cut the line at the point.

Here’s a shape of the house as a reference:

(And yes, the house is part of The Venus Project.)

Here’s mine with lines and curves.

As you can see in the image above, I want to trim off the lines and combine all the bezier curves into a mesh so that I can construct the rest of the building and give it a futuristic look. I chose “futuristic” for a lack of a better “down-to-earth” word, if you know what I mean.

So my question is, how am I going to approach what I’m trying to do?

You’ll want to use the knife project tool. Make a plane, make a curve, select the curve, shift select the plane, edit mode, knife project (toolbar).

Knife project depends on view, but remember you can use a shrinkwrap modifier on curves, at which point it pretty much won’t care about view. Will require some mesh cleanup afterwards. Use low-res curves to save yourself some headaches.

Alternatively, if you need to preserve your objects as curves, you can do the intersections with free handles, snapping them to grid or cursor or whatever.

Well, I’m able to make a prototype of a 2-story “The Venus Project”-style house. Thanks.

It’s not the best-looking, but I’ve had fun with it and it’s after midnight in Arkansas (US).