Creating Custom Toggle Hotkey


   I wanted to create a custom toggle hotkey to show/hide the viewport grid. So in the properties panel, I looked under the <b>Display</b> section and found out that the variable I should be toggling is <i>SpaceView3D.show_floor</i>. Then under <b>3D View</b> hotkeys, I added a new one, and set the operator to <i>wm.context_toggle</i> and <b>Context Attributes</b> to <i>SpaceView3D.show_floor</i> (I have also tried <i>bpy.types.SpaceView3D.show_floor</i>). When I try to use this hotkey, I get an error: <i><b>Context object has no attribute SpaceView3D</b></i> (or <i>bpy</i> in the latter case).

   Obviously I am doing it wrong. I would very much like to learn  how to do it right and what is the right way of looking up what group of  parameters should be toggled with which operator.

use "space_data.show_floor"If you drag the top toolbar down you can see the info window where the actual blender commands take place.

Example using Ctrl+Alt+Spacebar to toggle grid floor

Thank you both! It is solved now :slight_smile: