Creating Details (Pistol)

This is the reference image and my model, followed by the blend file (1.01 MB)

What would be the best way to add the detail shown on the bottom left/middle of the gun without making far too many faces?

A normal map and bump map perhaps?

If you didn’t have a limit on faces then you could have used a displacement modifier and then retopo it.

Import SVG patterns in blender, apply them on your high res model.

Bake Normal & AO maps from high to low poly.

the normal map is nice but don’t think it does a nice job in this case
you better sculpt it

i check you first file and i think you can reduce the Verts count for the buttons

try it and see what it gives

happy bl

here is file
i did a rough model for ornement with skin modifier
you may have to re scale it and move verts to fit over the handle

i also included some basic mat for cycles for brass chrome alum

orne1.blend (383 KB)
hope the new walnut image is included in

happy cycles

you added 2 mechanism on you gun
and i think there is only one !

for a lighter wood increase the bright node
bright = 1 and contr= 2

the image i use is only 256 pixels
so you should get a larger one 1 K or 2K for a higher res quality!


Here is the updated version with the things you made, i’ve never used to cycles materials that much before and it’s just so confusing. Nothing i did make anything look right and just give me a awful looking pistol:L
Might just leave it un-textured

use my file set up and transfer everything inside
it should work

now need to do some dynatopo sculpting on the other ob
and do some skin modif on the plate

and it will look great !


You’re file thing was quite confusing, i kinda just copied the things over into my own project since when i used the materials on my own model they looked really weird. I’m just not sure what to do :L
and what do you mean dynatop sculpting?
also the pattern on the bottom left is kinda hanging off since it’s at a weird angle, any thoughts on how to correct this?

is you file on cycles render ?

dynatopo is the method to sculpt localy only

for the skin modifier
bring the object as close to the surface
then in edit mode try to move verts as close as possible to the surface
or may be try to add a shrinkwrap modifier and see if it works well

do you better pics for this model
woudl help