Creating different meshes with duplicates

I know this question was asked before, but maybe there’s a workaround to actually convert duplicates to separate objects?

The idea is to generate a forest of different trees with just one mesh.

EDIT: … I mean duplicate objects added to the scene with KX_Scene.addObject()

Duplicate your original object with “alt + D” or select the object, which should use the mesh of your original object and do the following:

You use via this dropdownbox the mesh of your original.

The original object has eg. the name “Cube” with the mesh “Tree_Original” and your second object “Cube.001” uses the same mesh “Tree_Original” (like shown in the picture).

I hope this solved your problem,
Flo :slight_smile:

Don’t duplicate them using Shift+D, use Alt+D.

Thanks guys, but I think I wasn’t clear enough. Sorry. I was talking about generating a forest at game startup with KX_Scene.addObject(). The duplicates added to the scene share the same Mesh. A while ago I learned that there’s no way to actually duplicate Meshes in the Game Engine. But I wonder if there is a work around. The main idea is to generate objects with different shapes with a script, instead of modeling dozens of different trees. Actually I only need this for the trunk and branches

You can use LibNew(). Check the BGE API how to use it ;).

Wow, thanks Monster. Is it really possible? I’m curious to find out. Thanks.

Hello, I found another solution to my problem. I never realized that you can actually modify the mesh of each duplicate with bones. All armature is deleted after generating so there is no excess data. This is what I got so far.


Forest00.blend (225 KB)