Creating dinamic water

Hey all,

Is there any easy way to create dinamic water? To understand what I mean, think about the animation of a glass getting filled with water. I don’t know how I can achieve that kind of move without having to animate it frame-by-frame! :slight_smile:

I was thinking about using lots of metaballs, but I don’t know if it’s a good way.

Thanks all.

PS: How can I use collision detection in my animations? That’s all.

No. Water and cloth are probably the most difficult things in animation to simulate. If they were easy, feature films like Shrek 2 and Finding Nemo would not be cutting edge. Few animation packages have realistic simulations for stuff like fluids and even then, you really need to know how to use them. Maya Unlimited is supposed to be really good at that stuff but it costs about £4000 and you’ll need super-duper hardware to run a fluid simulation because of the calculations involved.

I think frame by frame is ok but I don’t think you would want to use a lot of metaballs because you’ll be there forever. The best thing might be if you used a film clip of fluid filling a glass and composited it.


I think you use the logic buttons the same as you would in a game engine. This link might help:

This seems obvious, but have you tried using the wave effect on the surface of your water?

That doesn’t work with collision detection.

There was a script called “Olikas”, but I tried the site and it didn’t work. klopes made it, maybe you could ask him for it.

i know that to do the fluid effects in finding nemo , they use balls (particles) to act as the water, they use millions, and sometimes billions, , it does not look impressive, but when rendererd, these millions of little balls are swen (put , joined) together, so they form a surface, then layers are added, then renderd

i don’t think blender has that sort of fuction

:x I hope it never will! Or maybe it will be on a version designed for special computers that can handle that.

Yeah, to render something like what they did in finding Nemo for the water on a normal computer would probably take days for a single frame. In the Lord Of The Rings, the rendering of Tree Beard took 48 hours per frame, and they have supercomputers!!! :smiley:

:o :o :o I guess they need to make better supercomputers.

Btw, does anyone know how long it took to render Toy-Story? I don’t.

No, they didn’t. IIRC, they just had a really big render farm, but no super computers.


No, they didn’t. IIRC, they just had a really big render farm, but no super computers.[/quote]

A big render farm of supercomputers would be good!