creating entire new objects from scratch in realtime ?

Hi all,

thanks to the help of the great ppl here at elysiun I got as far as creating geometry in editmode and manipulalting geometry in realtime.
Now I want to create geomtery in realtime, when I do that in an init-script bound to an empty set to run only once, the geometry is made but does not show.
I tried an act.setMesh workaround to no avail.
Is it even possible ?

You will have to restart the scene for new geometry to be accessible to the game engine. If you run your init script, then hit esc, you will see your geometry pop up. It’s a real shame too.

it’s not possible then

What if you use the addObject actuator, then change the geometry of the added object in real time… you wouldn’t have the collision data of course…


Yes, this is possible, but remember; when you use the add object actuator the new object is linked to the same mesh. So if you change the mesh a bit, then add another one, it will look the same as the changed mesh.

What about logicbricks? Can an addObject be used and have a pythonController attached to it?