creating .exe with textures

hey all
sorry if this is a total noob question, ive just never used the game engine that in-depth before. but how do you export a runtime so that it keeps all the textures that you set up in Blender?

first one is in Blender. all textures are UV mapped and all.
second one is upon exporting. the textures obviously dont appear even though the basic materials on the monkeys do. i tried Packing the data in Blender, whatever that does, and exporting it but no dice.

any help would be awesome!


first you pack the data
second, you save the file
third you “export”
Should work…I hope

I guess the packing failed. Look at other packed blends, they have an iconised parcel sign in the top bar. If you can´t get it sorted out, post a blend.
Edit: Ooh, OTO was even faster.

thanks for the replies! still nothing… could it be that the textures are in .psd format? ill give it a shot with jpgs…

EDIT: works fine with .jpgs. makes sense i guess… thanks for your help!

And if you don’t like the low quality of .jpg then you can use .png or .tga

at the cost of increased file size of course, no?
is there a way of getting any antialiasing?