Creating faces. Is there a quicker way?

I am making making a human using the mesh technique.

However, when I am making the human, I must put faces on the mesh, by selecting 4 vertexs at a time and pressing “f”.

When I try to make a face out of more than 4 vertexs it says, “cannot create face/edge”.

Is there any faster way to creating faces, then 4 vertexs at a time? :frowning:

:expressionless: well they should add that function…

example auto make four verts one quad, 5 verts 1 quad 1tri, 6 verts 2 quads, with some sort of best to nearest calculation, so on and so forth for a much higher amount of faces, but unfortunately to my knowledge they don’t have this function as of yet… :<

There are several ways to do this one of the most common is to start with a cube press WKEY and subdevide move vertices to get closer to the shape you want and subdevide again, continue until you get close to the shape you want. If you need you can also select the vertices of a face and extrude with EKEY and the scale to subdevide one face. Once you are vary close to the shape you want you can turn on catmull subsurface to smoth it out. This is only a rough outline but with some practice and expermitation you will be well on you way.

Okay, I guess I’ll stick to the normal method then. :wink:

Not sure if this will work, but try SHIFT + F :stuck_out_tongue:

.:[email protected]:. %| tracer give me a break man! LOL like thats going to help…

You need a closed shape for the Fill function to work so no, it will not work.


I think that Blender would take another big step if we put in face and edge selecting. It could be pretty straight forward, like you set it to face select mode and if you click on the face it would just select the vertices around it. The edge select could help you because you’d only have to click twice and not 4 times. Like hanzo suggested would be awsome, unfortunately, I don’t think that this is very realistic, if for no other reason than no other 3d editting suites have this, to my knowledge.

Blender has edge and face selections… read the changelogs :slight_smile:


Erm, not ‘real’ face and edge selections - you can select vertices by their relationships to edges and faces, but you can’t select the discrete faces or edges themselves. Select 3 edges of a plane, and the 4th edge is selected. Try and select faces in a checkerboard pattern, and the in-between faces are selected too.

There’s always faceselect mode, but that’s pretty useless for modelling, since you need to switch back into editmode to be able to do anything productive.

Like hanzo suggested would be awesome, unfortunately, I don’t think that this is very realistic, if for no other reason than no other 3d editing suites have this, to my knowledge

:Z sorry blazer003 it would be a good idea just for that being the reason you gave, blender is not about how well it can copy another program but how original and useful the tools in it can be, and any experienced artist could think of a thousand times were that would have been a great addition to blender, to prove my point do you think that Alias bothers to care about what blender can do? and then if they think up a really good function they say “lets not use that, IT’S NOT IN BLENDER!”

PS. I had another Idea, you know how when you editing a mesh in blender how sometimes you can get mixed up between the verts behind and the ones that are in front of the mesh when your trying to select? why don’t the blender dev make a distance to size function so the verts in a distance would be smaller and the verts close to the viewpoint would be larger…

I think this would nearly eliminate that pesky problem… what do you think?

Like hanzo suggested would be awesome, unfortunately, I don’t think that this is very realistic, if for no other reason than no other 3d editing suites have this, to my knowledge

BTW Maya can select edges, faces, UVs, isoparms - you name it. It has a whole set of objects used for selecting (personally, I think it has too many as you constantly have to switch selection masks to get the right thing but some are handy). It actually has points positioned above faces so you just click them to select the face but you have to enable the face select mask first. Like broken said, it’s useful for things like checkerboard selection.

I find the Blender selections quite time consuming. Edges aren’t bad but faces are a problem. I hate to keep going on about this same thing but when I try to remove a long edge loop, I have to fill in all the faces again by selecting each of the 4 vertices in a group, pressing f then selecting the next 4. I mean, how hard could it be? There’s already a face loop select mode.

Hmmm, I think the developers should just implement back-face culling. In fact, isn’t it already a part of OpenGL? I’m sure you just select a particular draw mode and it only shows front-most vertices. That’s how programs like (oh not again) Maya do it.

I use h (hide) and alt+h (unhide) to solve the problem of unwanted verts accidentally getting selected.

osxrules, I think your right culling would be much blender I mean better the the view port size thingy I was talking about make it cull like max and maya it would also greatly speed up the UI in a high poly scene. :wink:

for a note, ah :expressionless: I think that blazer003 was talking about the multiple face creation method I was speaking of in my first post above…

shbaz: I know this method but that’s rather a hassle and problematic rather then automatic. [>]