Creating faces on a rectangle whiel avoiding shapes inside.

My apologies, as I have absolutely no idea how to word my question, and I have no idea what to type to find help for my question. I’ve been modelling a PP-19 Bizon in Blender for sometime now, and my biggest issue is trying to correctly draw the indents and machine marks on the gun.

[ATTACH=CONFIG]384835[/ATTACH] Here are the openings floating, and I want to keep them empty, all I want to fill is the face around them.

[ATTACH=CONFIG]384836[/ATTACH] What I tried to do, was simply select everything around the openings, and click F to fill faces assuming it would work.

[ATTACH=CONFIG]384837[/ATTACH] Once I do that, all that happens is that the corners I selected on the gun’s body register as a whole face, and this ends up happening. The holes fill, and hide behind the face that I don’t want to be there.

Is there anyway I can fill everything around the indents and holes, while leaving them open?

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