creating fire with particals, not the smoke simulator

Hi all, I have been trying to make a meteorite impact animation. The meteorite travels so far in the scene, it is impossible to get a domain to bake at the size needed, so I’ve optid for particles instead. Getting the dynamics is relatively simple but I have never rendered particles before. I know there is a way so if someone could help I would be very grateful.


P.S. I am using Internal, not Cycles.

Not sure exactly how but I created something that might give you some ideas. Also This Tutorial should be good. See Attached. for the thing I made to give ideas. UsingJustparticlesandHaloforfire.blend (646 KB)

Not really answering your question about using particles. But in the latest release they have adaptable smoke domains, and 1 click fire and smoke setup. So when you use the smoke modifier, you can select smoke, or fire, or smoke and fire.

Heres a link to the release notes.
Might make using the smoke sim easier for what you’d like to do.

and one of the videos for the adaptive domain.

There is not a “need” to make a huge smoke domain. Cuts and camera angles may be all you need. Perhaps looking at the shot differently. Then there is compositing. Maybe render most of the meteorite travel is rendered separatally (say you are following the trail into the planet). I would re-think the shot before abandoning the smoke sim. YMMV…

Yes, I knew about adaptive domains(and used it) but the simulation just wasn’t working and my domain was about 200 by 200 by 12 blender units.

It is a vfx shot so I don’t have much room to be tricky, although I might be able to work out a trick to make the meteorite look like it’s traveling farther than it is.


In all honesty, I would also skip the smoke simulator and use particles rendered inside a cube with a volumetric material. Make the volumetric Texture use “Point Density” instead of “Voxel Data”, point to the object and the particle system and you’re good to go.

Basically, this technique gives you the same “look” as the smoke simulation, but the benefits are, unlimited resolution, same volumetric material and virtually no simulation time (other than the particles). You just have to tweak the physics of the particles to get a good result. Make sense?

Almost, just one question. How would you make the fire change color e.g. as the particles get older they go from white to yellow to orange then to black.


I’ve attached a an image showing exactly what you described here:

Basically, it’s a bit tricky, but I finally got it after playing around with a file I made over 2 years ago!

Essentially, you have to play around with the ramp settings in the Texture part. It’s a bit tricky, so let me know if you want more of a tutorial, as the point density texture is something awesome that gets buried in Blender’s already extensive features.

Here’s my blend file with the meteorite example :meteor_particle_trail_example.blend (1.77 MB)