Creating fur texture for Mid Poly Look on Model?

We are creating a animal model that has fur for a new game. We are creating it in Blender and will import it to Unity. We are going for an midpoly aesthetic similar to Breath of the Wild/Everwild We are trying to create a fur texture on the mesh but it keeps coming out odd and too pixelated. Can someone share an idea/technique to create a fur texture that might work. Thanks

So you want a more spikey look (tris ?) an not those quad like ? Maybe a wireframe would show us more (and we don’t have to look up those ref and which image in particular)? Maybe more form ont the tail by itsellf (not so straight)?

not spikey… more natural look… those spike are just supposed to communicate fur.

Maybe make a paintover for yourself (what’s natural on a mid-poly)?

whats a paintover? Look at the textures on the fur for the animals in this everwild trailer… This is the natural i am talking about.

Painting over the original image to illustrate the concept.

Do you think those additional tris are cards? because i do notice movement with them as the animal moves.

Okay should be more and/or… maybe one or to in the middle to take down the overall numbers ?