Creating Fur?

I’m making a cat model, but I need fur kind of like this.
How can I make fur like that in bleder?

I don’t really see any fur on that character other than just the texture itself. For the whiskers I am going to guess they are a couple of textured planes.

If the cat is for rendering blender has a built in hair/fur simulator. It saw some great improvements from Big Buck Bunny, but I have never played with it much so I can’t help you much with it.

For real time, a common way to do hair is with textured planes. I haven’t had a lot of luck applying this across an entire model for fur, but I am looking into some other things now too.

Good luck


Thanks, I guess that fur is just a texture then?

Also, If I were to use that blender hair creation tool, and exported the model as .3ds would it store that hair data?