Creating geometry from image

I wish to create a plane to the shape of an image, kind of like using a mask in Photoshop to change the shape of a layer, or also like a stencil. Eg, using this tree

to make a plane that is that shape, geometry where the image it’s black, none where it is white (or from the alpha channel)

Any ideas?


  • download Inkscape

  • launch Inkscape, in the top menu click on File -> Import , select your picture and load it

  • Confirm “Embed”

  • In the top menu, click on Object -> Align and Distribute

  • Click on both Align buttons to center the imported selection

  • in the top menu, click on Path -> Trace Bitmap

  • in the popup panel that appears, enable “Remove Background” then click OK, close that popup panel now

  • click on File -> Save As and save that .svg file

  • Load Blender 2.70a (it will not work on a buildbot version as the svg import is currently broken, bug having been reported)

  • Click on File -> Import -> Import -> Scalable Vector Graphics (.svg)

  • Load your newly created SVG file and you should obtain

note : the imported object will be very small, so don’t hesitate to scale it up, and it’s a Curve object, so if you need it as a Mesh , you’ll just have to press (in Object Mode) ALT+C -> Mesh from Curve
(or in the bottom menu Object -> Convert -> Mesh from Curve)

IF converted to Mesh, you may have to apply scale (CTRL+A -> Rotation&Scale) in Object mode and remove double in edit mode

You don’t need inkscape, you can do it with blender, go here… and convert your image to a scalable vector graphic (.svg file), then in blender go into user perferences and enable .SVG import, then you can simply import the SVG file directly into blender.

inkscape is handy to have, nonetheless. basically an open source replacement for illustrator.