Creating Glass

So I have this glass object:

I used these ‘realistic glass’ settings (or at least as intuitively as possible):

It looks nothing like glass to me, what am I doing wrong?

Well… Glass is transparent, so you see mostly what is behind it, and Glass reflects, so you see reflections too… There is just no other geometry in your scene that can be seen through the glass or in the reflections, that’s the reason it looks dull.

I am looking to create glass, and in my final image that I will be using as a logo, not even have a background image (at least one that you can see?) what do you suggest?


Add an HDR background !

Tried this, I don’t think it worked too well.

Use cycle render…add a glass material…in the world panel…add an enviroment texture…open an .hdr file…and thats it !

Even if in your final image with the logo there is no background you can still use images to reflect off your objects. Otherwise its as gexwing said, if there’s nothing to reflect it will just look dull