Creating gradients around edges in a texture

Hi all,

Say you have a texture like this. Is there a way to make the edges with colors stretch out far in a fall off gradient and you can control the distance? I doubt this is possible in Krita or Photoshop.
Is there any free/open source software/plugin that can do this or is this possible in Blender using the node editors?

sounds like blur?

No, Blur won’t cut it. I am surprised this isn’t possible in any 2d editing software. Where u can create gradients from the color of the edges of an image with alpha

You can try your luck with gmic in Krita, there are so many filters, one might do ?

It sounds like what you’re looking for is Edge Padding, yes?

I tried the Inpaint node with your image:

InpaintNode001.blend (981.5 KB)

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I tried them, none could do it sadly.

Thanks for taking the time to help. Really appreciate it but unfortunately no. I am trying to create a gradient falloff around the edges. I think substance designer has a node for this (bevel node) if I am not mistaken but I am looking for a free software that does this or a 2d app that does this. Why isn’t this possible in normal 2d painting apps?

You could always project your texture onto a mesh cut so as to have the same silhouette, extrude and bevel it. Then you can add a vertex color to the outer vertices, and mix between your shader and a transparent bsdf according to it.

I don’t use Substance Designer, but looking up what their Bevel Node does I think I got a similar effect in GIMP using the Emboss Filter on an overlay layer:

EmbossTest_cb78ef3edffd75a04383be130a10690b61275dbe.xcf (161.2 KB)

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Thanks for offering to help. From your image, seems the gradient is on one side of the image. It isn’t all round the edges. I am not familiar with Gimp but I use Krita.

The gradient darkens on one side and highlights (not as well, unfortunately) on the other, similarly to what it looked like the Substance Designer Bevel Node does. The same gradient (darkening, lightening, or transparency) all the way around could be done simply in GIMP by turning a layer copy into a mask and hitting it with some gausian blur, so I didn’t think that was what you were looking for. Or is it? If so:




GradEdgeTest-cb78ef3edffd75a04383be130a10690b61275dbe.xcf (301.3 KB)

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Thanks. Its about creating a distance from the edge like you did earlier with the inpaint node and then feathering that distance like a gradient to the initial edges. So I will feather the inpaint image edges instead in Krita. It would be nice if this is added as a node in Blender’s compositor to make things faster like the bevel node in sd.

Appreciate all the help. Thanks a lot, mate.

@Hadriscus Thanks for the suggestion.

If you’ve figured out a way to do what you’re looking for in Krita would you mind posting an example? I’d like to see what you were going for. :nerd_face:

Sure. Something like this. I am doing some research on a certain workflow. The texture is just a placeholder.

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So I did different pieces of what you wanted in different attempts. Thx – I wasn’t understanding quite what you were going for, it’s good to see it.

Really appreciate your taking the time to help. I apologize if what I wrote wasn’t clear. I didn’t know Blender had the inpaint node. I wouldn’t have known that if you didn’t mention it and post an example of its use. Also learnt from your other examples as well.

Thank you.

A frequent issue, by necessity – like most here, before I post I try to google what I need and if that succeeds I don’t need to post my question, so a lot of the questions I post are embarrassingly incoherent, using terms that already failed in a search. Happens to many of us, don’t worry about it.