Creating grips on tyre

How would you create your own tyre grip on blender, would you need photoshop or other dtawing spftwares.
Please help out.

Depends on how you want to make it. If you want to model the grips, make a model of one segment, then use the spin tool to rotate that segment all the way around the tire. If you want to bump map the grips onto a simple cylinder, then, yes, you’d need some drawing software to make the UV maps.

Personally, I’ve only made cartoon cars with cartoon tyres, which weren’t detailed enough to show the grips. If I were doing a model car for a fantastic render, I’d model the grips. If I wanted a car I could animate, I’d use UV mapping.

This should give you some direction on how to model a tire.

and the direct download link of the .blend file: