Creating hair, brows,lashes


I am modifying a game character that got eyelashes using transparent texture, bad looking hair and just a texture for the brows.

i’d like to change them with particles system to make it more realistic, i never did that before and i’m kinda lost.

I’ve checked a few videos and one of them was interesting and i’d like to know if it’s a good way to do it or not.

it’s a vidéo from lance phan, he duplicate the part of the model that he wants to put the hair,lashes… he said that he put them in a separated part so he is able to comb them without lag when the mesh is subdivised. (first question that come to my mind is, why do he has to subdivise the mesh for combing ?)

but how does he hide the mesh after to show only the hair in the render ? with a transparent material?

and i’d like to know if this way of doing it is fine even if i want to pose the character after ? does it work for animating too ? i guess since they are on different mesh i’ll need to parents them to the character ? the lashes/brows will stay in place for sure ?

or can i simply put directly them on the character just using vertex group.

thank you very much for your help ! particles are a bit confusing at the beginning

Hi there. The way i add eyelashes and eyebrows is to use weight paint on the model. I just paint where I want them to go and create a vertex group, one for the lashes and a separate one for the brows. Then I create two hair particle system and add the vertex groups to them. Then it off to particle edit to comb them into place.
Not sure if this is the best way but it works for me.

thanks, you do the same for hair ? you don’t add a separate scalp mesh ? just adding the hair to the model itself with vertex group ?

Sometimes I add a scalp mesh sometimes I just weight paint the model for the hair. The only reason I have for using a separate mesh for any kind of hair is if I intend to take the model into sculpt mode after adding the hair.
Going into sculpt mode will wreck any particle edits I have made if the hair is attached direct to the model so for that reason I find it best to use a separate mesh for the hair. If I will not be using sculpt mode after adding the hair then there is no need to keep the hair away from the model.
I also find it much easier to to use weight paint for small areas like where eye lashes go rather than mess around with separate meshes.

thanks you very much

yeah i won’t sculpt the head of my character so i guess i’ll just add the hair directly to the mesh !