creating hair

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hi, I have a real problem creating hair. i can not get the static particles to create an even slightly realistic effect. can anybody help me with this? thnx.

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Make a search on this keywords


Grass script

RipSting made a Grass/Hair generator which is very nice, sadly I canno recall his address…


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I have it on my machine at home. Send me a pm with your email and I’ll send it to you.

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Look for the “hair” and “grass” files here:

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Awsome link blenderanim, some of these will be great for the Blender Package. Was there a combined grass/hair generator ? I have the hair and the grass but different. That is one of the things I’m working on (unless its already out there) is combining Alans grass and hair scripts into an updated Strand generator with a GUI interface.

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I don’t ever remember seeing a combined grass and hair generator.
I think your idea of combining them and providing a standard GUI is great.

I am catching up on some of the posts and have seen yours regarding the package. I think that is an excellent idea. I have been doing some of that with bookmarks and making a “Media Creation” CD with a lot of the tools on it.

In addition to grouping the downloads by beginner, pro, etc. You may want to sort by function.
special effects
Game creation
Interactive (non-game realtime stuff)
Using other renderers
Web design

You could do something like SysAdm did with his model site and offerring a CD:

You package can also be a good prize for contests.

The biggest thing that I see lacking is good documentation for all the additional stuff. At the very least, give a good strong README with each package. Having an example with a tutorial would be helpful.

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Great suggestion blenderanim, I think that’s what I’ll do is sort it by function. I think I’ll also include a ‘begginers’ pack wich might contain things like tutorials, GIMP (or link to), practice modles and textures, etc…

Also one thing I would like to see if we all can’t work on, if finding some great export scripts. Like I was saying in another thread, Blender is almost in its own room while the other graphics programs (3DSM, Maya, etc…) are out at the party. If we can bring more interoperability with industry standard program and allow Blender to integrate in studios seamlessly (or close to) then I think it would be much widely accepted.

As for documentation, I would like to get them to be like (especially for the beginners) do this, then this, then this, etc… with reference type ones for more experienced users.