Creating hand-held camera effect

I realize this question has come up in other variations, but I couldn’t find one that fit my situation exactly.

I am making a quite short animation which is 100% rendered, so no recorded footage. I’m trying to create the feeling of the animation being watched through a handheld camera.

I’ve tried adding noise to the animation curves etc., but I can’t really get it to look quite like the real thing - it does tend to look like, well, fake floating camera movement with noise :wink:

I also considered trying to go out and film something, apply camera tracking, keep the camera animation and remove the footage, but it seemed a little overkill to go through all that just to get some camera motion animation into my scene.

Is there some easier way to create a convincing handheld camera feel, when you aren’t actually mixing in footage, just trying to get the camera motion into Blender, or are there no shortcuts for emulating a handheld camera motion in a scene?

here is a tutorial I did that may be the answer to your problem.

That’s funny, I actually had that video on my to-watch-later list. Thanks for the tip!

Just sayin’, but … I absolutely despise the “hand-held camera effect,” even to the point of taking special mention to point this fact out to you. It creates, for me, a tremendous (and therefore, tremendously unsettling and unpleasant) sense of vertigo. (It also screams, “amateur!”) If I never in my film-going experience see it again, I will count myself a happy boy.)

somtimes, you really want you film to scream “Amateur!” Thinking “Cloverfield” here :wink:

:smiley: You won’t get an argument from me, but I need to do a short “seen through someone’s eyes” sequence, and I’m struggling to make the movement feel realistic, i.e. feel like someone is looking up, falling down and looking up at the sky. Whenever I try to keyframe that movement, it just gets too darned “smooth” and thus unrealistic.