Creating holes in a flat mesh

On a previous thread it was explained how I could draw an outline of a complex shape with vertices and edges then use Fill and BeautyFill to … erm… fill it with faces automatically. This works great, I can extrude it which is exactly what I needed.

If I need holes in this solid logo/design, is this where I need to manually cut or subdivide the new edges created by fill or is there a way to combine two ‘outlines’, one inside another and have fill create faces in the areas between the outer shape and the inner shape?

To give a (simple) example, I have created a manually drawn circle out of vertices and edges (no faces) and then created one within it and I need to create faces in-between both circles - like a flat doughnut.

EDIT: Sorry, I can see from the link to the wiki manual that using curves allows me to make these types of holes so apologies for the stupid question.

I find that using curves is more effective for this type of thing. You have more control over the shape of your extrusion and your extruded shape. Plus, you can convert your curves to meshes once you get things the way you like 'em.

Check the info on curves (logo tute there) in the wiki manual (see other thread response):

mzungu, sorry was just editing this post and about to reply to yours about curves.

dante, I appreciate your info about converting to meshes as that could be very useful.

I’ve learnt a very important lesson tonight, even though the information in the manual seems initially to be not what you need at first glance, it’s usually exactly what you need!

Anyway, you’ve both helped me avoid doing things the hard-way, so I appreciate the answers.