creating IK-chain armature

I’m an total amateur in python, but i found a python script that creates a humanoid armature, and i want to try and improve it.

I’m currently in the progress of making fingers, i’m changing the code from the legs to do this.
I’ve pretty much created a IK-chain, but i’m failing to make it all bend the right way.

If you want to test it out and hopefully offer help, here’s the script:

it’s under “animation”
just press “create Guides” and then press “Create Armature”

You’ll see with the leg isnt bending like a finger should, hopefully someone will be able to help me out with this.


Great!! I made similar tools in 3dsMax and Maya, so for me is REALLY hopefully
to get into Blender and Python.
Really appreciate :slight_smile:


i just hope someone is able to help me really complete this thing, so that i can provide an actual useable biped like armature.

HELP ME ! :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks to Macouno in the dutch blender IRC channel i got the bending problem pretty much sorted out ( and ofcourse it was only a small thing >_< )…

so… IK hands/fingers are coming up :wink:
i’m expecting a few problems with the spine, but who knows… it might go easy :slight_smile: