Creating light groups for batch dimming

For an interior rendering project I would like to dim the lights and looking for an easy way to do this.
I am rendering out an animation of a home cinema and would like multiple lights to dim when the screen shows and the movie starts.
The camera is moving through the space to display the room and the designed wall panels.
I have added area lights to each wall panels (there are about 30 wall panels in the room) which have a blackbody node each.The area lights are parented to the object. It would be great if I could keyframe or change the light color as well.
On the ceiling I have added spots and an area light to add some light (there are no windows).
I tried to link the object data of the are lights, but this moves the area lights and change the dimensions too.

I have never used Scenes, only Layers.

Does anyone know a good way to make this work?
I am using Blender 3.0

Thanks in advance.

You can use drivers, it’s new for me, but very helping, btw video is not mine
I can confirm it is working for multiple lights, you can add empty to create invisible “control panel” for lights.